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30 Apr

Ways To Spot If Your Plumber Is Good

Things to look for when selecting a good plumber

We all need a plumber at some point in our lives. Some of the plumbers are skilled, have a good reputation and are amazing to work with. Just like any other field, there are plumbers who make you regret ever considering them for a job.


It is therefore very important to understand what exactly you should look for in a plumber in order to settle for the best in the plumbing industry.

Ways to spot if you plumber is good

  • ┬áResearch if the plumber belongs to any professional body

All these professional bodies always direct their members to adhere to a code of ethics as per the plumbing industry regulations. Members are also advised to give clients alternatives in case something does not go as expected. You should trust a plumber completely once they mention they are part of some professional body. Take an initiative to reach out to the body and confirm if they are really registered there. Some plumbers could decide to lie and if you do not confirm they get away with it.

  • Find out if the firm or individual has a concrete reputation with clients

In a case where you have no recommendation of a good plumber from a family member or relative, you can search online for one. If a plumber has many negative reviews from customers you should not think of even contacting. Go for the ones that have several positive comments based on their work.

  • Seek to know how long the plumber has been in practice

The number of years in practice most of the times corresponds to the experience that one has. A plumber who has been in business for a number of years is likely to be very experienced and will definitely deliver high-quality services. He or she is also less likely to leave the job unfinished.

  • Does a plumber have a permit?

Permits have extra costs tied to them but they protect you and your plumber. Dealing with a plumber who practices without a permit could lead to you incurring extra costs or been involved in legal cases that are unfavourable for you.

  • How presentable is the plumber

We should not judge anyone but if a plumber reports to work looking untidy and reeking of unknown substances you should think twice about giving them a task.

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