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09 Nov

How to Keep Your Sink Healthy

An infographic by Stroud Plumbing on keeping your kitchen sink in tip-top condition

As well as the lavatory, the kitchen sink is among the most likely fixtures to suffer from blocked drains. Some blockages could be self inflicted, especially if we flush the wrong items down the sink or the toilet. Knowing what can be flushed or not is a source of confusion. Stroud Plumbing’s infographic might get you out of that rut.

Stroud Emergency Plumbers

According to the infographic, knowing what to dispose is analogous to the overall hygiene of your kitchen. It stresses the need for tidy and well-organised preparation areas. The most effective way of keeping your kitchen sink in tip-top condition states that you should refrain from pouring the following products down the kitchen sink:
  • Dairy products;
  • Vegetable and sunflower oils;
  • Egg shells;
  • Bones;
  • Tough vegetables;
  • Grease or other greasy food waste.

The most obvious thing is that all of the above will block its drainage system. If everybody flushed cooking oil down the sink, our sewers would be blocked to high heaven, or be plagued with fatbergs. A fatberg is a massive chunk of cooking oils and grease which has built up over time in the sewers.

(Tell Me Why) Plumbers Don’t Like Mondays

For blockages, Monday is the busiest time for plumbers. The reason alone gives us something to beef about: the Sunday roast.

A typical Sunday roast with the meat and two veg can cause a litany of blockages. The sink could be blocked by the fat from your roast potatoes. Bits of bone from your favourite roast could go astray. Vegetable peelings can also be problematic.

We recommend wrapping your potato or carrot peelings up in newspaper and placing them in an appropriate rubbish bag. They might be disposed of in your food waste bin (requirements may vary from council to council).

And finally…

If your sink needs unblocking, give us a call on 07979 501597. We’ll be happy to help you as soon as possible.

CDS Specialist Bathrooms, 09 November 2016.

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