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10 Feb

How Not to Undertake Plumbing Jobs

A selection of plumbing fails in video form

A plumber, for Quality Plumbing Week.

If you’ve been in the plumbing trade, or the manufacturing industry, you may have heard of the ‘Friday Job’. This phrase refers to a piece of work that has been completed in a hurry. Usually as a means of finishing early, so as to get to the pub. Typically, the Friday Job may be slightly less than perfect than a Monday job or a Wednesday job. Fastidiousness wins over precision and the customer loses out.

As we deal with all walks of customers throughout the Home Counties, our Friday Jobs are more like Monday ones. Done with absolute precision and professionalism no matter what time of the day. This is how we work. Unfortunately, some people haven’t turned to CDS Plumbing Services for emergencies or more complex projects. Our plumbers in Aylesbury can spot a useless U-bend from 50 miles away.

Speaking of defective drain pipes and tormenting taps, here’s a selection of clips on How Not To Repair Your Toilet, Sink, or Anything Else For That Matter.

1. Plumber Parts

This clip from Plumber Parts gives you a rundown of common plumbing failures. PlumberParts.co.uk’s channel has nearly 55,000 subscribers on YouTube who turn to this channel for straight talking advice.

2. Plumbing Fails

This second clip is exactly what it says on the tin. If you cannot watch this two minute clip without squirming or tittering at some of the elementary errors, you’re probably on the wrong website. Some of the howlers are the sort of thing you might have seen on a BBC consumer rights programme which went out on a Sunday night and had dogs saying ‘sausages’.

3. Way Below Bog Standard

To complete our selection, we look at some torrid toilet installations. There are fifty (yes 50!) examples of bad bog fitting in extremis.

CDS Plumbing Services, 10 February 2017.

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