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Our Gallery

On this page, you can look at some of the projects we have completed. All of these bathrooms have been installed by us and were built based on the customer’s bespoke requirements.

A project to take note of is the bathroom featuring a double shower and sink, which allows two people to use them simultaneously. No more waiting for someone to finish using the sink. The blue “mosaic” style feature wall using miniature tiles also adds a bit of detail to what would’ve otherwise been just a plain white tiled room.

Design features we quite like are the toilets with a concealed cistern. They can be embedded in the wall, or in a wooden cabinet, which can cover up unsightly cisterns, with the flush plunger mounted on the side, connected by a mechanism which triggers the flushing when pressed. Some toilets are designed to be like this, and with these, you need to have a way of concealing them. You can also get dual flush toilets, which allow for a shorter flush when you don’t need to completely purge the toilet. Having this also helps to save water.

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