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30 Apr

Ways To Spot If Your Plumber Is Good

Things to look for when selecting a good plumber We all need a plumber at some point in our lives. Some of the plumbers are skilled, have a good reputation and are amazing to work with. Just like any other field, there are plumbers who make you regret ever considering them for a job.

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19 Jun

Save Trees, Use a Bidet

Why fifteen million trees can be saved if Americans switched to bidets instead of toilet paper If you’ve seen the price of toilet tissue nowadays, you wonder why Mr Andrex and contemporaries can afford to feed the Labrador puppies or make good adverts. Each time we tear a strip of toilet tissue off the roll, […]

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17 May

Bathtime Beats: Music for Bidets

A selection of bathtime related songs Sometimes, bathtime is improved by the playing of your favourite song. It could be due to coincidence, thanks to your favourite radio station, or your Spotify collection being heard in the background. Or you chose to bathe with your favourite album in the background and sung along. The joys […]

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29 Apr

Tales from Beyond the Plughole

A selection of tales of a surreal and not-so-surreal nature concerning bathrooms and the like Huey Lewis and the Loos In Walton-on-the-Naze, a block of public toilets are being converted to a music studio. Paul Hepworth has been given the green light by Tendring Borough Council to undertake the conversion. He also aims to work […]

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28 Apr

Baxi’s Nest Pro Training Offer

Calling all plumbers: Baxi are offering free half-day courses on using the Nest Pro digital thermostat How does the thought of half a day’s training for absolutely free grab you? Well, Baxi, the highly renowned manufacturer of heating equipment have come up with a cunning plan. Plumbers from across the UK can benefit from a […]

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10 Feb

How Not to Undertake Plumbing Jobs

A selection of plumbing fails in video form If you’ve been in the plumbing trade, or the manufacturing industry, you may have heard of the ‘Friday Job’. This phrase refers to a piece of work that has been completed in a hurry. Usually as a means of finishing early, so as to get to the […]

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09 Nov

How to Keep Your Sink Healthy

An infographic by Stroud Plumbing on keeping your kitchen sink in tip-top condition As well as the lavatory, the kitchen sink is among the most likely fixtures to suffer from blocked drains. Some blockages could be self inflicted, especially if we flush the wrong items down the sink or the toilet. Knowing what can be […]

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05 Oct

What is Quality Plumber Week?

A look at the Association of Plumbing and Heating Contractors’ Quality Plumber Week, 03 – 09 October 2016 The plumber’s role is an important one, though one that has been devalued by unfavourable press and perception. Some people think of cowboy plumbers and think the worst things about our profession. The only plumbers to have […]

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25 Jul

Professional Domestic Plumbers

We all like to save a bit of money doing DIY when we can, and whether it’s decorating, gardening or when bits around your home break, it’s very satisfying to see your hard work pay off as well as save a few pennies that could be spent on something a little more fun. Having said […]

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19 Jul

Quality Plumbing Services

When it comes to finding a plumber in Aylesbury it can be very easy to simply go based on price. If you have a plumbing emergency chances are it isn’t something you have budgeted for and so it’s understandable that you wouldn’t want to spend too much, but by going for the cheapest Aylesbury plumbers […]

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