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28 Apr

Baxi’s Nest Pro Training Offer

Calling all plumbers: Baxi are offering free half-day courses on using the Nest Pro digital thermostat

Nest Pro image by Scott Bedford (via Shutterstock).

Nest Pro image by Scott Bedford (via Shutterstock).

How does the thought of half a day’s training for absolutely free grab you? Well, Baxi, the highly renowned manufacturer of heating equipment have come up with a cunning plan. Plumbers from across the UK can benefit from a free half-day session on the Nest product range. They will be trained to Nest Pro level, giving them extensive knowledge on Nest’s digital thermostats.

Nest Pro training sessions take place at several locations across the UK, from Dartford to Warrington. The syllabus covers setting up, installation, and troubleshooting. The Nest product range includes the Nest Learning Thermostat, Nest Protect and Nest Cam. They have become a ‘must-have’ item for energy conscious households.

On completion of a Nest Pro training session, successful candidates are given exclusive sales tools, live VIP support, and customer leads. They are given discounts on Nest products for personal use. Though the courses are free, places are allocated on a first come, first served basis. Participants need to produce their VAT number to be sure of a place when enrolling.

If you fancy becoming a Nest Pro installer, Baxi’s half day training sessions have been well received. One participant said it was “the best manufacturer run course” he has been on.

One of the beauties of Nest is its ability to do more than control your energy consumption. Nest can also warn you when your boiler’s on the blink. It can turn the heating off, if carbon monoxide builds up in the home. Plus it works with your lighting system as well as the heating. How good is that?

CDS Specialist Bathrooms, 28 April 2017.

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