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17 May

Bathtime Beats: Music for Bidets

A selection of bathtime related songs

Bathtime beats image by Egor Shilov (via Shutterstock).

Not a lost Brian Eno work, just a prime selection of bathroom related songs. Bidet image by Egor Shilov (via Shutterstock).

Sometimes, bathtime is improved by the playing of your favourite song. It could be due to coincidence, thanks to your favourite radio station, or your Spotify collection being heard in the background. Or you chose to bathe with your favourite album in the background and sung along.

The joys of your bathtime could be enhanced by these tunes. Some of which could be your firm favourites.

  1. Mirror in the Bathroom, The Beat (1980): a good tune for a good soak, or a shave even. This is one of The Beat’s best known singles.
  2. Rub a Dub Dub, The Equals (1970): before singer Eddy Grant became a solo artiste, his first group was The Equals. This tune is overshadowed by Baby Come Back, which was later covered by Pato Banton.
  3. The Rubber Ducky Song, Ernie: for some, no bathtime is complete without a rubber duck. Especially with our favourite orange puppet from Sesame Street.
  4. Paradise By The Dashboard Light, Meatloaf (1977): nailed-on karaoke classic. Also great for the shower as well as the bath. If you play the full version, that’s equal to the length of your bathtime soak.
  5. Portsmouth, Mike Oldfield (1977): the obvious nautical connections makes the Mike Oldfield number a good one for a quick soak.
  6. Moon River, Frank Sinatra (1956): an evergreen classic, great for long and relaxing soaks.
  7. Wade in the Water, Ramsey Lewis Trio (1966): a chilled instrumental tune for bathtime which, for some people, reminds them of Northern Soul nights.
  8. 1/1, Brian Eno (1978): possibly our most leftfield choice, but this highly chilled ambient tune was the first track on Eno’s Music For Airports album.
  9. The Rain, Oran’ “Juice” Jones (1986): definitely one for the shower due to the rain effects at the start. A nice soulful number for a scrub.
  10. Sadness (Part 1), Enigma (1990): Gregorian chants and bathtime: a match made in heaven for this group’s first UK Number One single.

Two to avoid:

  • Theme from Jaws, John Williams (1975): “I think we’re going to need a bigger boat”. Say no more, not the one to win friends and influence people with, whilst having a wash.
  • Dazzle Ships II, III, and VII, Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark (1983): the submarine noises and sirens are anathema to a relaxed bath or shower. Though the album itself is an acquired taste, this track is best avoided whilst under the influence of soap, bubble bath, or shower gel.

CDS Specialist Bathrooms, 17 May 2017.

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